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Thank you for exploring our website and seeking to learn more about today's mattresses and sleeping in comfort. You have answers and The Sleep Center are mattress experts with the answers, help, and self help tips you require to fully understand mattress and what it takes to sleep great. We have a vast amount of training and years of serving customers needs, just like the ones you have. Our Mattress Professor section below will provide some quick help and our staff is waiting to hear from you now!


  • Mattress Comfort & Support

    It takes a certain amount of support to resist sag from the weight of your body and to hold your back properly in place, which is critical. And it requires a varying degree of comfort to relieve pressure points, allowing proper blood circulation while you are supported and to provide you with a truly restful sleep surface. If you compromise on either one of these important mattress principles, your sleep will suffer and you will be back shopping for a new mattress in no time at all. All of our experienced sleep consultants know to always keep these principles in mind while you "Test Rest" various models on our showroom floors. It is why we carry many different makes, models and types of mattresses.

  • Mattress Types & Styles

    Let's talk a little more about comfort and how that relates to the comfort descriptions with the mattresses you will be finding in any mattress store you visit, including our own. Soft mattresses utilize multiple layers of soft, supple materials to give you that ultra-soft feel that you sink into. Medium mattresses typically utilize much less soft material on top of the mattress, while maintaining a firmer support system with bit of cushioning, so that you don't sink into the surface. Firm mattresses typically utilize very little soft material and incorporate denser, firmer materials and are the closest to a flat sleeping surface. Most mattresses sold today fit into the three descriptions, but often get split off into two more sub-types: plush and euro top/pillow top. Plush mattresses utilize a firm sleeping surface with soft layers to cushion without being ultra-soft. And euro top/pillow top mattresses utilize a separate layer of soft material on top of the support system of a mattress. Usually, euro top offers less of it, whereas a pillow top provides more.

  • Mattress Sizes

    You may not realize it, but the size of your mattress does affect your sleep quality. It can even be one of the more important aspects of a quality nights rest. Having plenty of room for each person means having a little more room than the bodies sleeping on the mattress. If you are too cramped it will derail your night, so make sure you have a sleep surface that is longer and wider than you and your sleep partner with enough room to move around a little, too. Anything that interrupts your night's sleep is detrimental because it forces you to restart your current sleep stage. If your sleep cycles are constantly interrupted and restarted, this means you're not obtaining your deepest level of sleep, Stage 4, R.E.M. Sleep.


    Spring Twin. A standard twin mattress measures 39" X 75".

    Spring Twin-XL. A standard twin-xl mattress measures 39" X 80".

    Spring Full. A standard full mattress measures 54" X 75".

    Spring Full-XL. A Full XL mattress, measures 54" X 80".

    Spring Queen. A standard queen mattress measures 60" X 80".

    Spring King. A standard king mattress measures 76" X 80".

    Spring California King. A standard Californian king mattress measures 72" X 84".

  • Mattress Brands

    While there are many different mattress brands in America, the majority are either made by or greatly influenced by Tempur-Pedic or Sealy, which are now one company. We are authorized, full line retailers of Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Nectar, and Awara. This provides us with ample variety to best fit each body type, personal preferences of comfort, and the personal requirements of support to the right mattress for optimal sleep. To us, this is our only goal and we are not restful until you are. These are the best brands and come fully-backed by their warranty and ours.


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The Sleep Center, a local mattress retailer in Gainesville, Florida, offers financing and plenty of payment options for new mattress purchases, futons, furniture, and more.

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The Sleep Center are the delivery experts, with a proven warehousing and distribution system covering most of Florida. Complete setup and old product removal, too!

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